We receive applications to the Master of Forest Conservation (MFC) program and the Master of Science in Forestry (MScF) or PhD programs through an online submission process. We consider applications competitively, based on all documentation submitted, and according to the general regulations of the University’s School of Graduate Studies.

The online application process requires you to have a valid email address.

Application Steps

Personal Profile

You will be required to create a personal profile that includes your name and contact information, as well as limited personal information. Once you create your profile, an Applicant Number and password will be assigned and emailed to you. These will allow you to log into your account to manage your profile and current and future applications. You can also check the system to verify that your application and supporting documents have been received, and view the status of your references and transcripts.


You will be required to enter contact information for each referee. Once your payment is received, the system will send invitations to your referees asking them to complete the referee report. Please speak to your referees ahead of time to confirm their availability and willingness to participate before submitting their contact details.


A separate application and non-refundable application fee is required for every degree program to which you are applying. You will not be able to submit your supporting documentation before payment is submitted.

Please review your application and ensure it is accurate before submitting your payment. Submitting your payment will lock all the information in your program selection, including the names of your referees. If you mistakenly apply to the wrong program you will be required to submit a new application and pay another application fee.

Payment Methods

Online payment by credit card is preferred, but applicants can submit payment by mail. Please note that mailed payment takes a minimum of two to three weeks to be received and processed (and can be much longer if you’re mailing payment from another country), so applicants who cannot make an online credit card payment should complete their application and submit their offline payment well in advance of the posted deadline.

If you have difficulty using the online admission application, please contact us.

Complete the online application

Application contents

  • Application form (completed online)
  • Scanned transcript(s)
    (The application review process will begin with your scanned transcripts alone, however, for North American institutions other than University of Toronto, please submit an official transcript.)
  • Copy of English-language test score, if applicable (see English Language proficiency)
  • Curriculum vitae (resume)
  • Letter of Interest (MFC only) or Letter of Intent (MScF/PhD only)
    See Admission Requirements for details
  • Writing sample (MScF/PhD only)
    This should be a copy of or excerpt from what you consider to be your best publication or best essay. Please limit to 10 pages or less.
  • Three Referee Reports
    See Admission Requirements for details


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