The Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) Program recognizes academic excellence in graduate studies at the master’s and doctoral levels in all disciplines of academic study.  The Faculty of Forestry invites OGS applications for the 2013-14 academic year.  Applicants should note that as part of the transition of OGS awards from the Province to the universities, departments have been provided with limited award allocations.  The award process is therefore highly competitive.

DEADLINE (FACULTY OF FORESTRY):  January 18, 2013 (electronic submission – no paper copy)

The competition for domestic student OGS awards will be adjudicated by the Faculty of Forestry.  The competition for visa student OGS awards will be centrally adjudicated by SGS in the new year.  The application submission deadline for both domestic and visa applicants is the same (January 18, 2013)

Once both academic assessment reports have been submitted by your referees and your application is complete, a “Submit” button will appear and you will be able to “Submit” your application.  The Faculty of Forestry will only consider applications which have been  ‘submitted’ electronically by January 18, 2013.

Funded MScF and PhD students are reminded that they are required to apply for all awards for which they are eligible, except with written consent from the supervisor.

The School of Graduate Studies has launched an on-line application form for the OGS application for the 2013-14 academic year.
The on-line application form is now available for students to access via the SGS website or using the following url:

To assist you in the process, please review the OGS Online Application Instructions prior to creating an application

Important note for students: This application will only be assessed at the University of Toronto. Students must submit an OGS application to each institution for which they are seeking admission. OGS awards are no longer transferrable by a student from one university to another.

Scanned unofficial or student issued transcripts are permitted.  Link pages of your transcript(s) together, and submit as one PDF file per degree.

Students currently registered in the Faculty of Forestry can request, in person, from Deborah Paes or Susana Diaz, copies of their non U of T transcripts from the departmental admission file, for uploading to their OGS application.  Please note that we do not wish to provide a ‘scanning service’, so will only handle in person requests for photocopies of transcripts from the student file.

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