November 1st 2022 – Think Wood’s Mass Timber Design Manual, Vol.2.

The Mass Timber Design Manual, vol, 2, is an all-in-one compendium of industry resources that includes technical guides, cost and design checklists, case studies, and best practice guidelines. Download it from the Think Wood website.

October 23rd 2022 – 10 Reasons To Build With Mass Timber

Are you considering using mass timber as a structural system for your next building project? If so, check out the article co-authored by our MTI Leadership Chair, Craig Applegath Architect, along with Daria Khachi P.Eng and Franco Piva Eng. Titled: 10 Reasons to Build with Mass Timber, the article builds the case for mass timber while pointing out things to be mindful of when using it.

July 2022 – Element5 Affordable Housing Solution

Element5 has produced prefabricated mass timber building components to address affordable housing needs. Renewable, sustainably harvested wood is the primary material for the mass timber, which sequesters carbon through its use as a building material. The process of creating prefabricated panels in a controlled environment off-site before assembling onsite results in safer and faster assembly. In turn, the projects built using these components can be more cost efficient. Exposed mass timber provides biophilic health benefits for occupants inside. Responding to the diverse programmatic needs of housing projects, the structural grid can adapt to buildings of various sizes. In July 2022, the Affordable Housing Solution was applied to the rapid 20-day construction of the YWCA.  See the time-lapse here: