• Lab Co-Rotation Twin Screw Extruder
  • Onyx IM-380 Injection Molding Machine
  • Onyx Co-Rotation Twin Screw Extruder Compounding and Sheet Line


Lab Co-Rotation Twin Screw Extruder

Suitable for compounding polymers with different additives, bio-material based filler or mineral fillers.

Model Onyx TEC-25/40
Throughput capacity (kg/hr) 2 ~ 15 kg
Screw diameter 25 mm
L/D ratio 40
Main motor power 5.5 kw
# of volatile venting port 3
Type of pelletizing Strand die


Onyx IM-380 Injection Molding Machine

Standard, full size industry injection molding machine for making parts weighing up to 1.1kg.

Model Onyx IM-380
Shot weight 1115 g
Screw diameter 70 mm
L/D ratio 20
Injection pressure 1698 kg/cm2
Clamping force 380 ton
Distance between tie bars 740 X 740 mm
Max daylight 1450 mm
Mould thickness range 250 ~ 740 mm
Main motor power 50 hp


Onyx Co-Rotation Twin Screw Extruder Compounding and Sheet Line

The system is designed for compounding bio-composite and bio-material. The complete compounding line is consisted of :

(1) one 65 mm Co-Rotation Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder for compounding polymer and additives or fillers;

(2) one die face cutting pelletizing line to transfer the melt into pellet;

(3) one 120 mm single extruder to convey the melt from up twin-screw extruder into the sheet or profile die to make end products;

(4) one 3-roller calender sheet line to make 20 inch wider polymer composite sheet with wide range of thickness.

Both the screw and barrel of the twin-screw extruders were designed using the building block principle. The screw configuration, barrel setup, screw L/D, number of feeding & venting protocols, screen changes, granulating methods and electrical controls are optimally adjusted according to the material properties and process requirements. The closely intermeshed screw elements have excellent self-wiping characteristics, and can be easily interchanged with others.

Model Onyx TEC 65/44
Screw diameter 65 mm
L/D ratio 44
Max. screw rpm 600
Main motor power 55 kw
# of volatile venting port 3
Die Circular die
Pellet cooling system Air
Throughput 250 kg/hour



Model SE120
Screw diameter 120 mm
L/D ratio 9
Max. screw rpm 65
Main motor power 30 kw
Die Sheet or profile die
Throughput 250 kg/hour



Roll Diameter 35 (mm)
Roll Length 700 mm
Sheet Width Up to 450 mm
Sheet Thickness 0.6 mm ~ 2 mm