Urban Forestry & Settled Landscapes

Urban forestry at the University of Toronto focuses on the planning and management of urban trees and forests, landscape ecology and planning, and the benefits to communities provided by a green canopy.

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Restoration & Stability

Improving the health and productivity of forests through applied forest ecology and silviculture, and the use of comparative biology of trees and forests in response to human impacts.

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Biomaterials & Mass Timber

Employing education and research to link the forestry industry with manufacturing to create processes and products that are leading-edge, energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

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Climate Change & Bioeconomy

Our research has challenged traditional models of forest economics by introducing a new paradigm of economics that incorporates the basic features of sustainability, specifically sustainable forest management.

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Activities Highlights

Haliburton Forest Biodiversity Field Camp
Urban Forest Conservation Field Camp
International Field Trip
Winter Field Tour at Mattawa
Monitoring science work in Lake Simcoe
Activities Highlights

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