All graduate students at the University of Toronto studying in Forestry are members of the Forestry Graduate Students’ Association (FGSA).

The FGSA’s executive members are committed to ensuring that all forestry graduate students have a positive and enriching academic experience by hosting social and networking events, continuously collecting feedback from graduate students, and creating a platform for students to raise any and all questions and concerns they may have regarding their graduate experience.

2022 FGSA Executives

Lauren Janke

Vice Chair
Niamh Wall

Ryan (Yudong) Liu

Ethics Commissioner
Tibebe Biru

Research-Stream Representative
Melanie Wheatley

MFC Representative/Alumni Liaison 
Meixi Lin

Athletics Representative
Kennedy Korkola



For more information and updates about the FGSA, check out their website:

Or you may email the Executive Council at