Current Students

Malcolm Cecil-Cockwell (PhD). The present and future value of sugar maple trees: an economic approach to uneven-aged silviculture

Derek Wolf (PhD). Costs and benefits of decentralized bioenergy production

Adam Gorgolewski (PhD). Methane and carbon dynamics of dead wood

Jian Yang (PhD). Tree species classification using multi-source remote sensing data (co-supervised by Yuhong He, Department of Geography, UTM)

Jean-Romain Roussel (PhD). Removing bias from LiDAR metrics used to predict stand structure (co-supervised by Alexis Achim, Laval University)

Kate Maklan (MFC). Silvicultural strategies for mitigating the impact of Beech bark disease


Past Students

Thomas McCay (MFC). Silvicultural strategies for balancing the recovery of wood products and the supply of deadwood habitat

Current position: horse logging contractor, Haliburton Forest

Adam Gorgolewski (MScF). Wood ash as a forest soil amendment: effects on seedling growth and nutrition, and red-backed salamander abundance

Current position: PhD candidate, Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto

Emily Smenderovac (MScF). Microbial community structure and function in coarse woody debris and soil under intensified biomass harvests

Current position: lab manager, Living with Lakes Centre, Laurentian University

Shaik Hossain (PhD). Branch growth and crown dynamics in northern hardwood forests

Current position: postdoc, School of Environmental Sciences, Guelph University.

Matt Thiel (MFC). Recovery of small trees for bioenergy production       

Current position: forest operations technician, Petawawa Research Forest

Hongcheng Zeng (Postdoc). Influence of climate and functional traits on tree demography and forest growth          

Current position: database manager, Citibank.

Assunta Saliola (MSc). Object-based image analysis for the delination of canopy gaps and individual tree crowns using multi-source data            

Current position: GIS/planning technician, Toronto School Board

Julian Cleary (Postdoc). Life cycle assessment of decentralized bioenergy production 

Current position: postdoc, Department of Geography, University of Toronto

Katelyn Louckes (MFC). A comparison of ALS LIDAR and stereo-image derived point clouds in a forested environment

Current position: geomatics technician, KBM Forestry Consultants

Phil Rudz (MScF). Carbon and nutrient dynamics of downed woody debris in a northern hardwood forest                      

Current position:  lab technician, Department of Geography, University of Toronto

Stephanie Ulcar (MFC). Evaluating the accuracy of the Forest Vegetation Simulator.

Current position: Forest Policy and Standards, City of Toronto

Derek Wolf (MScF). Adjusting expectations of scale based on limitations of supply: a review of the case for a forest bioenergy strategy that prioritizes decentralization, efficiency, and integration.

Current position: PhD candidate, Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto

Adam Kuprevicius (MScF). Quantifying the influence of crown size on mechanical wood properties in White Spruce.                                     

Current position: Business Manager, Triton Envronmental Consultants

Fraser Smith (MScF). Mortality in the Yukon: post-harvest effects on structural retention.

Current position: Forester, Ganaraska Forest Centre

Mark Vanderwel (PhD). Modelling effects of partial harvesting on wildlife species and their habitat.

Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, University of Regina.

Hilary Thorpe (PhD). Clearcut solutions? An evaluation of partial harvesting in the black spruce boreal forest.

Current position: project manager, Parks Canada.

Ricardo Toledo (MFC). Forest management practices on Haida Gwaii

Current position: Project manager, BC Environmental Assessment Office

Ken Arii (Postdoc). Modeling stand dynamics following partial harvesting

Current position: Assistant professor, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Trevor Jones (Postdoc). Modeling selection management in northern hardwood forests

Current position: Research scientist, Ontario Forest Research Institute

Tyler Peet (MFC). Mophological predictors of tree age

 Current position: Operations manager, BC Ministry of Forests and Range

Charles Nock (MScF). Age-related decline in leaf area index

Current position: Postdoc, Department of Geobotany, University of Freiburg

Grant Domke (MScF). Gap closure in northern hardwood forests.

 Current position: Research forester, Northern Research Station, US Forest Service

Megan Saprunoff (MScF). Comparative ecology of Asian tree species

 Current position: Forester, BC Ministry of Forests and Range

William Martin (MScF). Soil variability and landform relationships

Current position: Data analyst, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources