Senior Research Associate

Robert Jeng received his Ph.D. in Fungal taxonomy from University of Toronto, Botany, 1977. Before then he received his M.Sc. in Electron microscopic study on fungal development from University of Toronto, Botany, 1971. He studied in Chung-Hsin University, Taiwan for his B.Sc. in Plant pathology and graduated in 1964. His research contributions at University of Toronto and includes Fungal Taxonomy (Ascomycetes), Protein Isolation & Purification (IEF, SDS-PAGE, 2-D electrophoresis, PDVF transblot, Western Blot and Immuno-detection), DNA Technology (PCR, Genomic DNA and cDNA library construction, DNA sequencing, Southern and Northern Hybridization, gene isolation, DIG-probe labelling, oligonucleotide primer design, PCGENE software DNA analysis), Fungal genomic and proteomic analysis, and Bio-polymer modification by micro-organisms.