Manager & Technical Leader – Powertrain Engineering Research and Development Centre at Ford PERDC Engineering, University of Windsor

Dr. Jimi Tjong is the Technical Leader and Manager of the Powertrain Engineering, Research and Development Centre (PERDC). It is a result oriented organization capable of providing services ranging from the definition of the problem to the actual design, testing, verification and finally the implementation of solutions or measures. The Centre is currently the hub for Engineering, Research and Development that involved Canadian Universities, Government Laboratories, Canadian automotive parts and equipment suppliers. The Centre includes16 research and development test cells, prototype machine shop, PHEV, HEV and BEV development testing which occupies an area of 200,000 sq ft. The Centre is the hub for Production / Design Validation of engines manufactured in North America and an overflow for the Ford worldwide facilities. It also establishes a close link worldwide within Ford Research and Innovation Centre, Product Development and Manufacturing Operations that can help bridge the gap between laboratory research and the successful commercialization and integration of promising new technologies into the product development cycle. His principal field of Research and Development encompasses the followings:

  • Optimizing Automotive Test systems for cost, performance and full compatibility. It includes the development of test methodology and cognitive systems.
  • Calibration for internal combustion engines.
  • Alternate fuels, bio fuels, lubricants and exhaust fluids
  • Lightweight materials with the focus on Aluminum, Magnesium, bio materials.
  • Battery, Electric motors, super capacitors, stop/start systems, HEV, PHEV, BEV systems.
  • Nano sensors and actuators.
  • High performance and racing engines.
  • Non destructive monitoring of manufacturing and assembly processes.
  • Advanced gasoline and diesel engines focusing in fuel economy, performance and cost opportunities.