Sally Krigstin, Assistant Professor, MFC Coordinator

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My Research interests are focused on value-added applications for wood and biomass materials as well as by-product streams from related processing industries.

My research is practical and focused on resolving industial issues in the Forest and Pulp and Paper Industry. I have spent most of my carrier in the Pulp and Paper Industry and look to use this practical knowledge to understand problems facing the industry today

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  • B.Sc.F. 1982 Toronto
  • M.Sc.F. 1986 Toronto
  • Ph.D. 2008 Toronto


Refereed journal publications (last five years):

  • Krigstin, S.G. and Sain, M. 2008. Determination of the  mineral constituents of recycled paper mill sludge. TAPPI Journal.  v 7, n 6, p 9-14.
  • Krigstin, S.G., and Sain, M.  2007.  The fractionation of dry recycled papermill sludge to higher value components.  Journal of Biobased Materials and Bioenergy.  v 1, n 3, p 315-322.
  • Krigstin, S. and M. Sain.  2006.  Characterization and potential utilization of recycled paper mill sludge.  Pulp and Paper Canada.  v 107, n 5, p 29-32.
  • Krigstin, S. and M. Sain.  2005.  Recovery and utilization of fibre from recycled papermill sludge.  Paper Technology, v 46, n 7, p37-42.

Research Team

Members of our research team fully support one another enabling individuals to gain the most from their research experience. Our team includes students at all levels of their academic career including undergraduate, Master, Ph.D students, and Post-Doctoral fellows..

Current Students And Post Docs

  • D. Tudor (M.Sc.)  Thesis:  Experimental methods of intentional spalting as a value-added process for low grade logs and lumber.  Co-supervised with P. Cooper.
  • E. Acquah (M.Sc.).  Thesis:  Evaluation of forest biomass residue as a source of phenolic compounds.  Co-supervised with P. Cooper
  • Dr Javad Sameni (Post Doctoral)

In this project, plant fibre and wood extractives are combined to create series of natural, non-toxic, renewable and potentially biodegradable water-repellent products. The novel formulation is suitable for many green applications where water resistance with non-petro-chemical based binder/additive is desirable; such as flower pots, food trays, hospital disposables and so on.


Current student employment, graduate student and post doctoral opportunities are listed.

If there is are no current openings at this time I would be happy to keep your CV on file for relevant opportunities.