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To love loons is to love the earth.

Two forces shape the world – nature and human nature.

A nation’s distinctiveness is defined by its position on the biosphere and by how its animals, plants and microorganisms interact.

Our natural heritage is the foundation of the national treasury.

A nation that gradually destroys its natural heritage destroys itself.  

Environmental literacy is an essential part of a high-quality education.

Urban rain hurts.

Smog is unhealthy for lichens, trees and other organisms.

Genetically-engineered foods are unnatural foods. 

Beware of those who claim that it is safe for people and other animals to eat these unnatural foods, for no one has lived long enough to know.

The seeds grown each year are the seeds of the future.  

Words sow their seeds and wait for thoughts to germinate.

Each species in the world, as each letter in a word, is equally important.

Wilderness is the source and sustenance of all life, love and poetry.

Humans are citizens of an ecodependency.

To learn to respect one’s ecosystem is to learn to respect the world.

How do I identify a significant natural area? It is easy. They are all significant.

Habitat loss includes the loss of stars in the sky at night.

Restoration of ecosystems requires restoration of the mind.

I know who I am.  I am an animal.  

Wild animals belong wherever they are found.  

Adapted well to every century but this, and now extinct for every century to miss.

Every species deserves respect.

I cry to them that they are blind to wage a war on their own kind.

Species survival is vital to the survival of species.

Global Farm (ferme planétaire, granja global):  the global farm concept expands on the global village concept to focus attention on the interdependence between people, nations and nature.  The speed of information exchange now enables the world’s people to manage, use and share their biological heritage with each other.  Joint stewardship to sustain the world’s biological diversity and biological productivity, as the means to ensure intergenerational fairness for all species, recreates the world in the image of a global family farm.  The global garden and the global forest are integral parts of the global farm.

Survival of the fittest means survival of those who can adapt to change.

The limits of one’s mind define the limits of one’s world.  

Warblers, wasps, whales, willows, wolves and worms are with us for reasons we do not understand.  People can live without them, but can humanity?

How well we use, sustain and share our natural heritage defines our love of country and the earth.

by Paul Aird