The 21st century calls for more effective use of our natural resources not only by preprocessing them but by adding further value to keep Canada in a leadership role in the industrial world. CBBP has been at the forefront in conducting multidimensional research motivated by dedication to environmental sustainability and industrial efficiency. A variety of research themes are being extensively pursued in our labs including bio-nanotechnology. CBBP is working on the development of next generation energy efficient lightweight performance nanomaterials for industrial applications including aerospace, automotive, bio-medical and electronics. Some of our dedicated researchers are also working on solving challenges faced by Canadian Pulp and Paper industry. Focusing on improving the cost effectiveness and sustainability of the biorefinery system include themes such as transformation of residual biomass from the pulp and paper industry into useful chemicals and composites. Furthermore, our esteemed researchers are exploring the utilization of bio-based raw materials such as cellulose fibers, vegetable oil, rubber, and starch in commercial and industrial applications for a green and prosperous future. Our research projects are categorized into four distinct research areas: