Dr. Sossina Gezahegn earned her PhD from the University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design. Her PhD studies centred on both the chemistry and the materials science and engineering aspects of biocarbon (biochar) manufacturing and applications. Dr. Gezahegn’s research utilized the biocarbon manufacturing method “pyrolysis” in targeting carbon negative processes as well as manufacturing nanographitic and conductive biocarbons to produce lightweight, conductive, and electromagnetic interference shielding biocomposites. Dr. Gezahegn also explored the environmental applications of pyrolyzed biochar, with a focus on liming capacity and seed responses. Her research compared the chemical and physical characteristics of hundreds of biochar samples, prepared at a range of temperatures and pyrolysis holding times, in the context of soil amelioration and identifying sources of potential toxicity. Prior to her studies at the University of Toronto, Dr. Gezahegn earned a BSc in Applied Chemistry and Biology and MSc in Molecular Science at Ryerson University. Dr. Gezahegn’s other interests include cooking, travel, dancing and horseback riding.