Vegetation Sampling Protocol – VSP is a quantitative, integrative and adaptable method for sampling different vegetation types in the field. It can be used for both inventory and monitoring, and for either site-specific or landscape-level applications. It can be used for sampling forests, wetlands and grasslands. It uses fixed-area methods that are practical and easy to implement and replicate, while being scientifically rigorous. it provides multipurpose, quantitative and standard information that can be used in a range of practical and research applications.
The Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto, in collaboration with Science and Research  Branch , OMNRF  is conducting VSP sampling and research projects across urban -rural landscapes in southern Ontario . These efforts are pioneering an innovative vegetation sampling approach and design to monitor  and inventory forests and other vegetation .

For more information about VSP please see:

VSP web page

Some of the VSP samplings and research projects