FOR401/FOR403 Research Showcase

FOR401/FOR403 Research Showcase

The annual FOR401/FOR403 Research Showcase took place on April 2nd in the Daniels Building, 1 Spadina Crescent. FOR401H1 Reseach Paper/Thesis in Forest Conservation and FOR403H1 Directed Readings are courses in which Forestry undergraduate students work one-on-one with a professorial supervisor to work on a variety of research projects and assignments.


This event exhibits posters based on students’ findings and results of their coursework and allows for discussion amongst their peers and faculty members. Here are a few of the students with their posters.



Student Aaron MacDonald with Supervisor Prof. John Caspersen

Poster topic: Can the health of deciduous trees be assessed throughout the year?





Student Audrey Melkoumov with Supervisor Prof. Sally Krigstin and Dr. Javad Sameni

Poster topic: Production of Enhanced Biobased Materials from Organic Fertilizer and Paper Waste




Student Jen Cann discusses her piece with her supervisor, Prof. Sean Thomas

Poster topic: Biochar and inactive brewer’s yeast seed coatings for soil restoration





Student Charlie Olsen

Poster topic: Beyond common gardens: the impact of environmental hetereogeneity on within-species assisted migration





Student Anna Deavers

Poster topic: The U.S. Forest Service’s Role in Restoring Abandoned Surface Mines in Appalachia





Student Maximus Caron

Poster topic: Predicting Likely Hotspots for Lanternfly Establishment in Mississauga, Ontario





Student Jessica Underwood with Supervisor Prof. Patrick James

Poster topic: Genetic Consequences of Outbreaks in Forest Lepidoptera: Temporal Variation in Effective Population Size (Ne)




Student Victoria Córdova-Morote

Poster topic: The use of Pollen Paleo-Records to Reflect Forest Vegetation Responses to Historical Land-Use Policy Shifts




These and all student posters can be found displayed in the first-floor hallway of the Earth Sciences Centre in the Forestry area.