The Faculty of Forestry guarantees a minimum financial support package each year to MScF and PhD students subject to satisfactory performance and progress during the degree program, as determined by the supervisory committee.

Minimum financial support packages for MScF  students are valued at $17,500 and for PhD students at $19,500 per year plus tuition and incidental fees.  The funding package is provided in year 1 of the MScF program,  years 1 through 4 of the PhD program, or years 1 through 5 if students are admitted to the PhD program directly from a Bachelor’s degree program, or if students transfer to a PhD program from an MScF program after year 1.

Financial support packages are made up of a combination of  University of Toronto and departmental scholarships and fellowships, support from the supervisor’s research grants (research assistantships or RA’s), and external awards (e.g., NSERC, SSHRC, OGS). Though all students are guaranteed the minimum funding amount, the funding sources for each student’s individual package may differ from student to student and year to year. All income from Teaching Assistantships is supplementary to the guaranteed funding package.

To continue to be eligible for guaranteed funding, students must apply for NSERC PGS/CGS, SSHRC, OGS and for any other awards and funding sources for which they are eligible.

External awards are considered part of the financial support package however, additional “top-up” departmental funding for some awards is provided. The Financial Support Table provides details on how packages are formed and topped up.

Financial Awards Available to Faculty of Forestry Students

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