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Safety Abroad Office Guidelines and Forms and Safety Abroad 2014-15 Handbook

Traveling Abroad as a UofT Student:

The Safety Abroad Office (SAO) is a service available to UofT students who travel abroad for a University activity. We partner with students, staff and faculty to minimize risk by:

• Providing Safety Abroad Workshops

• Monitoring security situations

• Assisting students with emergencies abroad

• Offering 24/hr Emergency line

If you are going abroad on a “UofT activity”, in other words if you are getting credit, funding or sanctioning from the University, than you will have to register with the Safety Abroad Office before you travel.

All students must complete the following items at least one month before travel:

1. Safety Abroad Workshop

2. Safety Abroad Database

3. Waivers

4. Obtain Supplementary Health Insurance

New Safety Abroad Steps before Travel:

There are now two different pathways for students to take to register, depending on the nature of your travel and how it is being processed by the University. The two pathways are, Program Travel Registration and Department Travel Registration.

A trip is considered,

Program Travel if: 1) Someone from UofT is choosing participants and/or helping organize part of the your travel; 2) if you are taking a trip as a group or field trip (ex. Exchange, internships or practicums)

Department Travel if: You are taking a trip that is organized by yourself and at a time that independent from conventional semester dates (ex. Conference or independent research)

Program Travel Registration- Your program will notify you when you should:

1. Sign in to the Safety Abroad Database and input Emergency Contact, Passport and Travel Health insurance information

2. Attend a Safety Abroad Workshop (valid for 1.5 years)

3. Sign & submit waivers to your program

4. Get Supplementary Health Insurance

Department Travel Registration – To kick-start your registration process you should:

1. Fill in Online Registration Request form

a. The SAO will register you and send you a confirmation email, you can then sign on to the Safety Abroad Database and fill in your profile completing Emergency Contact, Passport and Travel Health insurance information

2. Attend Safety Abroad Workshop (valid for 1.5 years)

3. Sign and submit waivers to the Safety Abroad Office

4. Get Supplementary Health Insurance


Field Research Guidelines and Forms

All Faculty, Students and Research Assistants (including volunteers and exchange students) and Post Doctoral Researchers are required to read and adhere to the University of Toronto and Faculty of Forestry Field Safety Policies and Procedures available for download below. Before beginning field work, researchers must also complete and submit a Field Research Safety Planning Record to the Dean’s office.

For research outside Canada

Please note that students conducting research outside Canada are required to complete a Request for Off-Campus Registration (pdf) form and to register with the University of Toronto Centre for International Experience Safety Abroad Database.

Students researching within Canada do not need to register on the Safety Abroad Database however they should complete an off-campus form if the research will take them off-campus for an extended period of time.


Research in Haliburton Forest

All Haliburton Forest researchers, summer employees, internships and volunteers who will be spending time in Haliburton Forest (including Bone Lake) are required by Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve, to check in on each visit with the main office/front gate before proceeding into any property owned and operated by Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve (including Bone Lake). The front office staff will supply forms that need to be filled in and submitted before entering onto any further property. Failure to register with Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve could result in a Trespass Violation and researchers would be asked to leave their property immediately.

Laboratory Safety

Useful numbers:

  • Hazardous waste management 978-7000
  • Chemical pick-up 978-4821
  • U of T police emergency 978-2222

Hazardous materials information

Fire Safety

Storage of flammables, gas cylinders, fire extinguishers


Reporting Accidents and Incidents

Reporting of accidents and occupational illnesses involving death, critical injury, lost time or health care (by a medical practitioner) is required for employees under both the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act. Reporting of Accidents to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is done centrally through the WSIB Administrator, Health and Well-being Programs and Services. Reporting must also be done for all non-employees present or working in University workplaces. These include undergraduate students, graduate students (except when performing TA duties, when they are employees), visitors and members of the general public. Accidents involving students or visitors are to be reported through the University of Toronto Risk Management and Insurance Department.


Workplace Safety Organizations and Campaigns


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