Adrina C. Bardekjian, MFC’05, PhD
Social Scientist & Consulting Researcher

An urban forestry researcher, writer and educator and works with a number of organizations on a diversity of projects. Dr. Bardekjian’s academic research focuses on communicating underrepresented narratives in urban forestry through a political ecology lens. Her doctoral research focused on arborist perspectives on identity and labour, and her current postdoctoral work examines women’s participation and gender equity in arboriculture and urban forestry. She is the recipient of several international awards. For more information please visit:

Dave Pearce, MFC ’01
Forest Conservation Analyst, CPAWS Wildlands League

“I feel in many ways that I never left the MFC program. The same requirement for a broad knowledge of forestry and conservation issues coupled with specific areas of deeper understanding and the ability to communicate with a wide variety of audiences that characterize the MFC program are part of my day to day tool kit.”

Roshan CookeRoshan Cooke, MFC 1997
Environment and Climate Specialist, International Fund for Agricultural Development

“The uniqueness of the MFC program is that we learned to apply a diverse array of analytical tools to understand real-life resource use conflicts from a holistic perspective. The field work I did in Madhya Pradesh, India (organised by Prof. Shashi Kant) analyzing the impact of India’s Joint Forest Management programme on local communities, informed me of the key elements national policies should have for advancing positive actions on the ground. This knowledge serves me well in my current work, considering that I lead multi-disciplinary teams for designing holistic rural development projects that are grounded on sustainable natural resource management.”

Lorien Nesbitt

Lorien Nesbitt, MFC 2008
Principal, Lorien Environmental Consulting

“The Master of Forest Conservation program was challenging, fun and engaging, and helped me grow from an ecologically focused undergraduate to a well-rounded professional. I would strongly recommend the Faculty of Forestry to curious-minded individuals who want to contribute to sustainable development in Canada and internationally.”

Aaron Day, MFC ’11
Forest Operations Assistant, Canfor, Prince George

“I never thought I would be on the road to becoming a forester in industry, but time spent in the faculty taught me the importance of a new generation of foresters that can interpret and apply evolving ideas of conservation and forestry that include socioeconomic and environmental standards at the forest management scale within industry.”

Alex Ryland MFC '11Alex Ryland, MFC ’11
Project Coordinator, Ministry of Forests Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Government of British Columbia

“The program does an excellent job of teaching you that natural resource management cannot and will not work unless there is a balance between the social, economic and ecological processes in our environment. As our understanding of forests evolve, more ideas surrounding sustainable resource management will evolve as well. I want to be a part of the real world implementation of those ideas, and the MFC program was pivotal in helping me achieve this goal.”

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