The podcast examining the intersection between engineering, construction, design, and forestry.


Episode 5 | Dr. Jeremy Williams: Sustainable Forestry and Mass Timber

Jeremy is a Registered Professional Forester with the province of Ontario in Canada. He is also the president of Arborvitae Environmental Services providing clients with services related to carbon offsets, verification, forest management planning, forest economics, auditing and consulting. Here, Anne and Jeremy delve into the sourcing aspect of mass timber to help builders and architects understand where their wood is coming from and how to ensure it is coming from a sustainable source. They also touch on biogenic carbon and it’s implications in sustainable construction with the climate crisis always in mind. 

Episode 4 | Patrick Crabbe: Canadian Innovations in Mass Timber with Bird Construction

Patrick is also the leader of a Mass Timber Manufacturing start-up, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. MTC is a sawmill-integrated, glulam-focused entity, that is currently executing a $2.3M feasibility effort to code approve proprietary high-performing mass timber products (made from undervalued-commodity maritime spruce, pine and fir) that will expand the needed capacity of North American mass timber products and positively impact sustainable forestry practises. 

Episode 3 | Franco Piva: A European Perspective on Mass Timber

Franco is known as the Italian Timber Engineer and founder of engineering company Ergodomus. His focus lies in sustainable timber projects around the world. Craig and Franco discuss the sustainability of mass timber as well as key challenges currently preventing the global adoption of mass timber. They also cover mass timber innovations Franco sees in his work, and the role that architects and engineers play in design for manufacture and assembly.

Episode 2 | Lacey Rose: Forestry and Mass Timber – A Forester’s Perspective

Lacey Rose is a Forester with the County of Renfrew in Ontario, Canada. She is also the co-founder of Women in Wood, and a proponent of gender inclusion in the the forest industry. Anne speaks with Lacey while they investigate where the wood used in mass timber comes from in Canada, and how Lacey plays a part in ensuring this wood supply is sustainable, and what sustainable forestry really means. This conversation will help builders and architects contextualize the origins of the wood they use.

Episode 1 | Alan Organschi: Systematic Understandings of Material (Re)use

Alan Organschi is a Design Principal and partner at Gray Organschi Architecture in New Haven, Connecticut, and the Director of the Innovation Lab at Bauhaus Erde. Anne and Alan discuss his current work at Bauhaus Erde as well as his work at Gray Organschi architecture. Alan informs us about how we need to work to design buildings for a circular economy of mass timber that is separate from an extractive industry.

Episode 0 | Dr. Anne Koven & Professor Robert Wright: Introducing Mass Timber Today

Dr. Anne Koven, and Professor Robert Wright along with host Craig Applegath, discuss the all new Mass Timber Today Podcast, what listeners can expect from the podcast, and the questions it tries to answer. They also inform listeners why they started the Mass Timber Insittute, and how they hope the podcast will help the Institute in it’s mission.

Trailer | Shan Shukla: What is Mass Timber Today?

Shan Shukla, producer of the podcast and Research Coordinator at the Mass Timber Institute gives a taste of what the Mass Timber Today Podcast is about, and what listeners can expect from the podcast moving forward.